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Dr. Jacob Canfield

Dr. Jacob Canfield is a Grand Rapids chiropractor serving the community at Simple Truth Chiropractic.  With several areas of expertise, Dr. Canfield helps many people that are deemed "uncurable," "unfixable" and "broken."  His favorite types of patient's are the one's that nobody has been able to help before.  Dr. Canfield graduated from Western Michigan with a degree in Biomedical Sciences.  His initial goal was to go to medical school to learn how to be a neurosurgeon.  Since the age of 5, he had suffered with severe migraines that had riddled and plagued his life for nearly 15 years.  They were so severe that he was getting them 2-3 times per week and was missing school at least one day out of the week.  Specialist after specialist could not help him. In fact, by the time he had turned 16 years old, his kidney's were doing so poorly from all of the pain killer medication that he was on that he started peeing blood.  

It was not until he was in college, ready to run off to medical school that he received his first chiropractic adjustment.  At first, he was highly skeptical about chiropractic.  He had known only one thing and truly believed that chiropractic could not help him, as many doctors had deemed the problem lifelong and genetic and there would never be a solution.  Soon after his first adjustment, he experienced relief for the first time.  This time, the migraines did not come for almost 3 months.  Soon after, he changed his career path and enrolled in chiropractic college at Life University in Atlanta, Georgia.  

Since graduating school, Dr. Canfield has done a lot with chiropractic. He has treated thousands of people in the Grand Rapids area at his current location and has seen some of the most complex cases in Grand Rapids. 

Some of his specialties include extremity adjusting (hands, elbow, shoulder, hip, knees and feet.), auto accident recovery, upper cervical chiropractic, pregnancy and pediatric chiropractic.  He is Webster's Certified in pregnancy chiropractic. His passion shines through in educating people about how their body works to give them hope and teach them that they have control over their health and well being. If you're looking for a Grand Rapids chiropractor that knows what he is doing and will be honest about whether or not he can help you, then give us a call at 616-458-8063.  

Connect with Dr. Canfield at Google + for any questions. 

Dr. Canfield has worked with many professional athletes, including the former heavy weight boxing champion Evander Holyfield that you see below. He has also worked with Detroit Red Wings, Grand Rapids Griffins, Grand Rapids Ballet Company, East Grand Rapids sports teams and many others. 

Dr. Canfield with Evander Holyfield