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Posted on 05-22-2012

chiropractor_in_rockford_mi__rockford_mi_chiropractor__chiropractic_in_rockford_mi__back_pain__neck_pain__spine_doctor_in_rockford_mi__upper_cervical_chiropractic_of_mich__26_.jpgIt is truly amazing how so many people who appear to think clearly and logically on so many matters and issues become totally illogical to the point of absurdity when it comes to matters of health. Some people who eat only pure, unadulterated foods and avoid pesticides, additives and preservatives will pump their bodies with drugs as soon as they are ill. If strong chemicals are not good for healthy people, they certainly are not good for sick ones!

An article by syndicated columnist George Will appeared in the editorial section of a local paper. Mr. Will usually has cogent insights into the world and its problems. (He wrote an especially good book on the game of baseball). In this editorial, however, he misses the mark by a mile. He rightly recognizes that the drug problem is overwhelming us and that our Federal Drug Policy has apparently failed to stem the problem. He briefly cites the history of the rise of heroin as a derivative from the 19th-Century medicine, morphine. Here is his solution: The government "should have provided the resources for research to discover chemical compounds that block or reverse the pleasure and addiction-producing effects of drugs." Is that stupid or what? Are we going to vaccinate all the children in the sixth grade and up on a yearly basis with this wonder drug? Or are we going to expect that drug addicts will line up to receive this miracle drug?

We must come to a realization that what causes our problems is not the solution to them. People take drugs because they believe that a temporary quick fix is the answer to their physical, emotional, mental, social and/or spiritual problems. They think that way because the thirty-second television commercial has taught them that drugs are the answer to all their problems.

We are not going to resolve the country's drug problem until we all realize that the cause does not come from the outside. It is not in Turkey, China or Colombia. It is inside certain human beings. Something is lacking in their lives that causes them to seek temporary relief or fulfillment in a drug, a drug that they know deep down inside will eventually harm them.

Chiropractic does not have all the answers to the drug problem. We do present a philosophy that says do not treat symptoms, do not treat effects but look inside for the cause. Treating the drug problem with drugs is not the answer. That is just replacing one tool with another, which may be a little better, but perhaps is a little worse. Before morphine, the precursor to heroin, was used medicinally, a shot of whiskey was given to dull pain. Who is to say that what comes next will be less dangerous. Let's look to the cause rather than treat the effects. If we begin to raise a generation of children who recognize that drugs are not an answer to man's absence of health, perhaps they will also recognize that they are not an answer to man's absence of happiness. If they understand a prescription does not really restore health, they will realize that neither does a quick fix restore happiness. That is where the drug war needs to begin.

Chiropractic does not have all the answers to the drug problem. We do present a philosophy that says do not treat symptoms, do not treat effects but look inside for the cause.

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