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Posted on 10-08-2012

Best Treatment for Fibromyalgia shutterstock_16081435.jpg

Is it drugs, surgery, patches, lotions, creams...?  Nope. It's none of that.  Research has shown time and time again that the best treatment for fibromyalgia is exercise.  Exercise helps release endorphins in your brain, and also help to get oxygen flowing to your tissues.  Most fibromyalgia patients are in a lot of pain though, so getting a solid exercise routine going is kind of difficult.  So, the easiest things to do is keep it simple. Start slow and build upon your successes.  Even the worse cases of fibromyalgia can do little things to exercise. Because stress is so highly interrelated with fibromyalgia, exercise works well because it helps to reduce the effects of stress on the body.  The following is a list of seven simple fibromyalgia exercises that you can do to help with your fibromyalgia.

  1. Walking - Start with short distances, but make sure you're walking at a pace that challenges you a little bit and gets the legs burning.
  2. Swimming - This is my personal favorite that I recommend to patient's. It's super low impact and doesn't hurt a lot on the joints.  This is great for people with arthritis, fibromyalgia, muscular imbalances, coordination problems, etc.
  3. Sex - This type of workout obviously has other benefits than the physical activity, but it is great for getting the blood flowing and reducing stress.  
  4. Tai Chi -A great workout that involves a lot of breathing and constantly contracting and releasing your muscles to get you the biggest bang for your buck with stress relief.
  5. Pilates - This is a very vigorous activity that really gets your heart rate up that gives a huge boost to your endorphin levels.
  6. Stretching - Gentle stretching of upper and lower body in combination with great breathing techniques can be a wonderful addition to your fibromyalgia treatment.  
  7. Aerobic Exercise - Playing a sport that involves running is a great way to get back in shape and to relieve some stress.  Some examples include tennis, golf, running and jogging.

Take it from me, living with fibromyalgia is not easy.  If you can work through some of the pain and try exercising, you will find that it helps to relieve some of that burden on your shoulders and lessen some of the pain.  

Dr. Jacob Canfield is a practicing chiropractor at Simple Truth Chiropractic in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  For more information about how chiropractic can help you with your problems, please call our office at 616-458-8063. 

Laura Kelly said:

Thanks for the great tips doc. Been a fibro sufferer for years. Exercise does help!

2012-10-08 22:32:15

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