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Posted on 01-05-2013

Back Pain Can Be Alleviated Without Drugs or Invasive Procedures

When you visit a Grand Rapids chiropractor for back pain you’ll find relief is often felt quickly and as time goes on your physical distress can be reduced substantially and often entirely. Chiropractic treatment is natural, painless and noninvasive. It’s also effective, safe and drug free. Working with proven methods that manipulate the spine and relieve stress and strain on the area that is creating the problem, the chiropractor is able to open the natural healing channels of the body. This allows the body to mend itself and to eventually find its proper balance once again.

Back Pain is Common

Back pain is one of the most common complaints seen by medical practitioners. Those who seek a Grand Rapids Chiropractor will receive individualized care focusing on their specific type of back pain. The chiropractor will assess its causes, symptoms and effects. They can then set to work on reducing that nagging pain.

Back pain is exceptionally common. Every year about 50% of all adults in the U.S. feel the effects of back pain. Along with being extremely painful, it can be unrelenting, inhibiting individuals from participating in even the simplest physical tasks. It’s estimated that each year over $50 billion is spent on this health problem and hundreds of thousands of work hours are lost.

Quality of Life Compromised

Back pain can make it difficult if not impossible for people to run, walk, stand or sit. Driving a car can be torture and for many finding a comfortable sleeping position is impossible. People go to extreme measures to seek relief, which may include drug therapy and/or surgical procedures. Drug therapy doesn’t result in healing, it merely masks the pain and surgery can be dangerous and result in various complications.

Although many people see a Chiropractor when back pain is first felt, others decide to go the different routes described above. Once those who seek out surgery or painkilling drugs find these remedies to be ineffective, they will then often turn to a chiropractor for help.

Relief and Better Health

Those who visit a Grand Rapids Chiropractor will find they are working with someone who is dedicated to relieving their pain as quickly and thoroughly as possible. After determining the cause of the pain, the Chiropractor will then treat the problem area with gentle manipulation, which is designed to relieve subluxations, which are areas of the body in which muscles, nerves and joints are compressed and compromised. Once pressure and stress is relieved in these areas, the body can begin its natural healing process.

Diagnosis Demands Expertise

Once it is decide to seek help from a knowledgeable Grand Rapids Chiropractor, patients are often amazed at how quickly they begin to feel relief. However, it’s important to remember that diagnosing back pain can be tricky. Often the area in which pain is felt is not the direct cause for one’s distress. An experienced Chiropractor will provide a careful physical exam as well as a through analysis of one’s habits, physical activities and other lifestyle factors to determine the cause of the problem and the best course of action to take. Once relief is felt, patients can get back to enjoying a full, pain-free life.

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