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Posted on 01-11-2013

Effective Chronic Headache Relief Can Be Attained

For those in the region who suffer from chronic headaches a few visits to a Grand Rapids Chiropractor can be life changing. A range of situations and/or stimulants can cause chronic headaches. Allergens, pollutants, or changes in weather can trigger headaches as can tension, fatigue and diet. Headaches may also be connected to accidents or injuries. Crippling migraines can be attributed to numerous factors. When headache pain cannot be alleviated, it can compromise one’s ability to think, relax and communicate.

A Natural Cure for Chronic Headaches

Chiropractic healing, which is a holistic approach, has been found to be effective in treating chronic headaches. A chronic headache is one that lasts 15 days over the course of one month and occurs for three consecutive months. People often turn to painkilling drugs to alleviate the pain. Along with having to take such drugs over a long period of time and dealing with side effects associated with such medicines, headache suffers also often find that they are not effective.

Studies Have Confirmed

Researchers at the Duke University Evidence-Based Practice Center in Durham, North Carolina have studied chronic headache relief and released a report that concluded spinal manipulation offered almost immediate improvement for headaches that begin in the neck. The report also confirmed that chiropractic care for all headaches had significantly fewer side effects and for tension-type headaches longer-lasting relief of than prescription drugs.

Those seeking treatment from a Grand Rapids Chiropractor will be encouraged also by other studies that have confirmed the efficacy of Chiropractic treatment. This includes one published in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics that found those who were treated for tension headaches still experienced benefits from Chiropractic care four weeks after their treatment ended. This was not the case with drug therapy.

Relief Naturally

Those who undergo treatment at a Grand Rapids Chiropractic Clinic will get relief from chronic headaches through totally natural means. Once the source of the headache has been diagnosed, gentle manipulative therapy will be used to relieve pressure and open up the body’s natural channels of communication and healing. Although patients usually feel better after one visit, numerous visits are usually required to for a lasting, positive effect.

Plus, additional measures may be needed to gain complete and lasting relief. These may include alterations to diet, changes in environmental factors and adjustments to one’s lifestyle, which may include modifying sleep habits, posture and physical exercise. This holistic approach allows the body to function fully in the healing process, working towards eliminating headache pain as well as eradicating the cause of the patient’s chronic pain.

Living Pain Free

Those who receive help from a Grand Rapids Chiropractor discover that it is possible for chronic headache sufferers to greatly reduce the occurrence of episodes and to fully rid themselves of this nagging, debilitating condition. The goal is total freedom from a condition that can greatly compromise one’s ability to function on all levels. The method used is safe, gentle and effective Chiropractic care.

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