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Posted on 03-26-2013

What is health and how to I measure it?

how to be healthy A lot of people assume that if they look good and feel good, then they're going to be healthy? The problem with "looking good" and "feeling good" is you can take medications to cover up any symptom you're having. If you're getting headaches and migraines, you can take topamax or tylenol. If you have thyroid issues, you can take synthroid or levothyroxine.  If you're getting cholesterol or blood pressure problems, it's the same thing. There are drugs to cover up any symptom to make you "feel" better. Does the problem usually get worse or bet better though?  The problem usually gets worse and one drugs leads to another drug which leads to surgery and usually early death.

Since 1946, health has been defined as the optimal function of your body mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. It's not just the absence of sickness or disease.  So, health, by definition is the 100% functioning of your body. So what controls function? The brain and nervous system.

If you're nervous system and brain aren't functioning, then it doesn't matter what drug, diet plan, exercise regiment or nutritional supplement you take.  Your body is still going to be sick and dysfunctional. Once we make sure the nervous system is function at 100%, then your body can break down the drug, can assimilate the nutrients of a healthy, nutritious meal and your body can perform at its peak physically during your work outs.  

So how do you check your nervous system to make sure it's functioning? Well, what protects your nervous system in the first place? Your spine does. So if you're getting any sort of a symptom right now, whether it be add/adhd, headaches, migraines, neck pain, back pain, etc. then you've got some degree of nervous system dysfunction going on in your body right now.

Getting your spine checked for optimal alignment so that your nervous system can function is one of the most important things you can do for keeping you and your family healthy. Chiropractors are the only doctors in the world trained to correct spinal misalignment. Just as dentists correct teeth, chiropractors correct the spine.   The bottom line is this, don't just believe that you are healthy because you look good and feel good. Medications will not "cure" your problem. They will only manage it. Find out what is causing your problem so that you can correct it and live a life worth living. 

Keeping you up to date with the Simple Truth.

Dr. Canfield and Dr. McLaughlin. 

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