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Posted on 05-08-2013

While there are many structural ailments that can affect the spine, one of the most difficult to heal is that of a herniated disc. These injuries require longer to heal than most other conditions for which chiropractors offer care. A Grand Rapids chiropractor may be able to provide the help that is needed.

Unlike most other parts of the body, discs have no direct blood supply. They only receive nutrition and oxygen due to the motion of the bones above and below them. This action pumps blood from the bone into the disc. When muscle spasms strike the surrounding back muscles, the pumping action stops.

Patients suffering disc problems need special attention from a chiropractic doctor. The doctor will examine the spine to discover the source of the pain. If it is found to be a herniated disc, the doctor will work with the patient in developing an appropriate therapy. Following this plan can help to speed recovery and reduce pain.

Spinal discs are made of two different compounds. The outer layer is hard, yet flexible, while the inner layer is gelatinous and fluid. Over time, small cracks develop in the outer layer that allow the inner one to leak outside the body. This condition is referred to as a herniated disc.

When humans use proper lifting techniques, the chances of rupturing a disc are very slim. In fact, when the spine is kept straight during heavy lifting, it is more likely one would fracture a bone than rupture the disc. However, when discs are subjected to twisting forces they are not as strong and more likely to rupture.

Care from a Grand Rapids chiropractor may help the disc to heal. Chiropractic adjustments, use of moist heat, gentle stretching and massage therapy can reduce the individual's suffering. While the disc may never be as it was before the injury, it is possible to prevent the onset of arthritis.

Chiropractic care helps relieve calf, buttock and spine pain naturally. You can get more information about a reputable Grand Rapids chiropractor at http://www.grandrapidsmichiro.com now.


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