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Posted on 05-13-2013

Grand Rapids Chiropractic ClinicThe Power Within

The mind is a very powerful tool, as demonstrated by the hundreds of medical research articles that demonstrate the placebo as being more or equally effective as medications.  Thought and perception is one of the biggest weapons our bodies have to help combat against illnesses and diseases. It can also be one of the biggest detriments to our health if the wrong thoughts go in. Many people would probably disagree to this statement due to our western mindset of “take drugs” at any sign of illness. Prescription drugs has become of of the leading killers among all leading causes of death, yet people still take them in hopes it will help "cure" their problems.

A recent study showed that about fifty percent of doctors cannot tell a patient exactly what is wrong with them. The study then took two different groups of people. In the first group, called the "honesty group," they told the patients that the doctor did not know what was wrong with them but this is what they thought was wrong with them.  In the second group, they were told with confidence that there was a definite cause and illness, then given a placebo drug. Out of both groups, 90% of the dishonesty group was cured within weeks and the honesty group still showed signs of illness after taking the placebo drug.

There also seems to be a significant increase in self-affirmation techniques. You know the techniques where you write little notes to yourself and say them so many times you begin to believe it. Some of you may have even tried it. We have heard stories from many patients who have tried this with great success and failure.  But what creates these varied results we asked. Scientists have concluded there is one key factor which separates the successes from the failures.    


This is the most important aspect of self-affirmation and healing the body with the mind. As mentioned above in the dishonesty group, the patients who believed they would be cured because of the placebo drug were cured simply because they strongly believed they would be. This also holds true among patients who successfully utilized self-affirmation techniques. These patients strongly believed this affirmation was true before it was realty, which proved to be the key factor among the successes and failures.

It seems the old saying “mind over matter” holds true. Our minds are powerful beyond measure but it is up to us to channel these thoughts into realty by utilizing certain techniques, such as self-affirmation, and believing that we can change our health through our beliefs. Our challenge to you today is to give it a try. You can start by beginning a self-affirmation program or even meditating a few minutes per day with the thoughts of optimal health manifesting in your mind. But remember, you must believe in it 100% before you commit because this could be the difference between success or failure. The same is true for anything you do in life. If you want to be intelligent, repeat to yourself, "I am a genius" a hundred times a day. Say it until you believe it. 

There are hundreds of examples of affirmations used by celebrities to change circumstance. It's the concept of "fake it until you make it."  Communicating directly with your subconscious is the entire premise behind the New York Times Bestselling book Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill. If you haven't read it, I've provided a link to the Amazon Kindle edition for $1.99.  It's one of the most classic novels about how to become successful by changing how you think.


This concept touches on one of the main causes of dysfunction of the body. It's a part of the three T's that I teach in the office. Trauma's, toxins and thoughts. I've met people that have a great diet, have had no injuries, but have negative thoughts, poor self perception etc. and are some of the sickest people I've met. Until they learn to reframe their situations, they continue to live a miserable life. Reframing is a concept taught by Tony Robbins. A great example of reframing is the book Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl.  He was kept in a concentration camp for years where he witnessed unspeakable horrors.  From that experience, he came out MORE spiritual, joyous and loving than when he went in. The way he framed his situation wasn't "whoa is me." He thought, "Wow, what a great chance to get to know myself without distraction." 

Anything is possible if you can reframe it in your mind and truly internalize it. Work on a problem that's been bothering you lately by reframing it and finding meaning in it. Don't have enough money to buy a birthday present? Use this as an opportunity to make something really special, instead of giving a lame gift that everyone else buys. Is your boss always yelling at you? Respect that he's yelling at you and not just firing you. Try to find meaning in the yelling. 

Let me know how your reframing and affirmations go on Facebook or leave a comment on the page. 

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