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Posted on 11-13-2013

Do you have tightness in your upper back, neck or shoulders?  A lot of times when you feel this tightness, it could be the way you're sleeping, your posture at work or in the car, or the result of a previous injury or trauma that is causing your vertebra to slip out of alignment. Chiropractors help to find the source of the problem and remove it. Get your back checked out today to get these knots worked out.

Here are 5 tips to help your upper back and neck from getting so tense.

1.) Make sure your monitor is at eye level so your neck isn't looking up or down.

2.) Sleep on your back or your side with one pillow that supports your head and neck. Sleeping on your stomach is the culprit in many headache, migraine and neck pain cases. 

3.) When you lay on the couch, use a pillow instead of the head rest. The headrests can cause the neck muscles to get very tight and can also cause your vetebrae to misalign, putting pressure on nerves.

4.) Use a handset when talking on the phone. Also, make sure when you're texting, your cell phone is at eyes level. There is a diagnosis called Text Neck syndrome due to the pressure it puts on your neck.

5.) Take frequent breaks from working at the computer to do neck stretches. 

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Also, make sure to get your spine checked on a regular basis by your chiropractor to ensure you're at your best. To schedule an appointment, call 616-458-8063. 

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