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Posted on 12-01-2013

is-owning-a-garden-a-crimeAfter reading an article on a family in Miami, Florida that was court ordered to uproot their family's vegetable garden in their front yard, I decided to do a little research. Is having a vegetable garden a crime? Well, according to new legislature in the community of Miami Shores, it appears it is.  The couple was ordered to uproot their garden or face fines of $50 per citation. 

However, according to the law, it is okay to have garden gnomes and other yard accessories.  In a world where the economy is down, prices for organic and all-natural fruits and vegetables is at an all time high, I can sympathize and understand why you would want to grow their own vegetables. Due to minimum sunlight in the back yard, they can only grow their vegetables in the front yard. After being warned multiple times by city officials, the couple finally removed their garden. 

After a little bit of time, the couple has decided to go back and sue the city for violation of their right to privacy.  Having and owning a vegetable garden on their own property is a perfectly acceptable use within the guidelines of the law as long as it is peaceful and doing no harm to others.

This just reminds us all that sometimes, the law does not make sense. Federal and state mandates on our rights and civil liberties that take away our right to be healthy and grow our own food should not be taken lightly. What do you guys think? Is it a crime to own a vegetable garden in your front yard?

-Dr. Canfield

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