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Posted on 12-06-2013

Ever wondered who the best chiropractor in Grand Rapids is? There are a lot of different things to look at when choosing a chiropractor. In this article, I've highlighted the top 5 things to look for. Read more to find out.

This is a great question, but it has a lot of different answers. Believe it or not, not all chiropractors are created equally.  We go to different schools, we use different chiropractic techniques and we have different philosophies about how to approach the body. Before I became a chiropractor, I went to a lot of chiropractors. I have seen my fair share of differences between all of them. If you're looking for a chiropractor, there are a few things that great ones always have in common. Here are the top five things I look for in a chiropractor.

1.) They are continuously going to seminars and getting continuing education.  This is important because they are staying up to date with the latest research that is coming out. It's also helpful because with new changes in healthcare, standards of protocols change. You also know that they're dedicated to their craft and to becoming the best doctor possible. I strive to go to at least 5-6 seminars a year to keep my mind fresh and up to date and to never get out of practice with my clinical skills.best-chiropractor-in-grand-rapids.html

2.) They have a busy office.  Due to the nature of chiropractic, most chiropractors live or die by referrals. Referrals are usually generated by results. Thus, a busy office usually indicates that the results at that office are great.  When I walk into a chiropractors office, I love it to be bustling with activity and people. You can feel the vibe of healing in the office.  

3.) They track your progress. In our office, we use a sophisticated check in system that allows us to track people's progress. We use thermography, X-ray, posture analysis, and subjective rating scales to let us know how you're doing at all times. I've heard from a lot of people that have been to other chiropractors say, "He never asked me how I was doing and always did the same thing on me every visit."  My favorite day for patient's is when they come in and don't need an adjustment. This means that they're doing all the right things, like their daily stretches, eating properly and have gotten to the point where their body is in balance.

4.) They're passionate about helping people get well. I got into chiropractic because it saved my life. If you've been to my office, you already know my story. I had debilitating migraines for almost 15 years after being hit by a drunk driver. I had them my entire life and saw a lot of doctors. It was so bad that I wanted to kill myself on several occasions because I was so depressed and hopeless. I went to a chiropractor and found out my problem was coming from my neck. My migraines and headaches went away and it gave me my life back. So, why am I so passionate for what we do? Because I know that there are people out there that are in the same boat as I was, depressed, hopeless and without an answer.

5.) They live a congruent life to what they talk about. When you’re at your doctor’s office and he tells you that smoking is bad for you, but you see him smoking on his lunch break, it sends a mixed signal right? If a chiropractor tells someone that they need to be adjusted to keep their body healthy and functioning at 100%, you’d expect your chiropractor to get adjusted too, right? I get checked once a week to make sure that I’m in alignment. All of our staff gets checked weekly as well. We practice exactly what we preach at Simple Truth Chiropractic. By the way, you won’t see me smoking, eating fast food, or drinking pop anytime soon either. We live congruently with what we teach in our office.

Hopefully this gave you some insight on what to look for in your chiropractor. If you’re looking for a great chiropractic office in Grand Rapids, make sure you check Simple Truth Chiropractic out. We’re passionate about helping people and do all the things above in this list. If that’s something that resonates with you, then it sounds like a perfect fit.

See you in the office.

Dr. Canfield and the Simple Truth Team

P.S. If you're interested in chiropractic care and if it can help you, you can schedule an appointment with our office online or by calling 616-458-8063.  

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