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Posted on 01-08-2014

“I Know the Value of Chiropractic Care For My Family.”

Today, I had a practice member that said that to me. It is awesome to know that they understand the value of chiropractic care is more than just getting them out of pain and feeling better. They went on and on about the benefits of chiropractic care since they started. They talked about how they felt like they were seeing better, breathing better, were more relaxed and were more productive at work. They talked about how their kids were more well behaved and don’t take their ADD medication anymore and how their wife no longer had headaches and was no longer taking 6 Tylenol a day just to get by.  What an awesome thing to hear first thing in the morning.  This conversation got me to thinking though; do we really know the true value of chiropractic care?

In the United States, we take a symptomatic approach to healthcare, meaning that we treat the symptoms.  They should really call our system a “sick care” system based on how we treat patients. You have a list of symptoms and based on those symptoms you are given a prescription to mask or cover up those symptoms. There is never really a point in which we try and get to the root cause of why this symptom is there in the first place.  The ONLY way that healing occurs is from the inside of your body, not from the outside. This means we’ve got to find out WHY you’re not healing in the first place, and not just cover it up.  A symptom is just like a fire alarm. It makes a lot more sense to find out why the fire alarm is going off, rather than taking out the batteries. Taking the batteries out is just like taking a drug.

When there is nervous system dys-fuction or interference, the body doesn’t work efficiently.  When your nervous system is working more optimally, your body will in turn work a lot better. This means your immune system is working better and your body is more resistant.  Does that mean if I get adjusted I’ll never get sick?  Perhaps. The more correct answer is that by getting adjusted you become less likely to become sick and usually recover from illnesses faster.  If you think about it, not everyone who gets coughed on will get sick. This is because some people’s immune systems are stronger than other people’s.

The point is, we can’t know all of the benefits of a chiropractic adjustment because it’s affecting every single aspect in your body. There are lots of case studies and research articles demonstrating how chiropractic care has helped with high blood pressure, reducing cholesterol, eliminating ear infections, reducing the need for medications, getting rid of pain from arthritis, etc.  The reasons why an adjustment to your vertebra can have such a wide variety of benefits is because of the simple truth of health.  The simple truth is that your body is capable of healing and recovering from any disease or illness as long as your nervous system is functioning at 100%.  Through subluxation, when the vertebral bones are out of alignment, your nervous system may be functioning at 50-80%, rather than 100%. 

It doesn’t mean that you’re going to die right away, but it does mean that there is interference to essential organs and over time they can develop problems. This is the main reason why we love life time chiropractic.  It’s because getting a chiropractic adjustment is MORE than just getting out of pain. It is a way to get your body working more effectively and efficiently.  This means less time being sick and more time being awesome.

This is another reason why we highly recommend getting your children in for chiropractic care at the earliest possible age. By having them checked for vertebral subluxation and removing and reducing these vertebral subluxations, we are ensuring that your children are at or close to their fullest health potential as possible. Knowing the simple truth of what keeps you healthy is only a part of the equation. Taking action and making sure that you continue with your chiropractic care is

If you know anyone that you think should be under chiropractic care, then share our office with them and share your experience since you’ve been under chiropractic care. The more people under chiropractic care, the healthier our community will be.

-Dr. Canfield

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