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As a chiropractor, I strive to educate my patient's on health and wellness.  I am constantly handing out books, dvd's, brochures and articles to read and to learn more.  As a bonus, I am including a section on websites that I personally frequent as well as chiropractic associations that you can use to research health and wellness.  Never take my word for it. Look it up for your self.  That being said, don't ever just take your doctor's word for it either.  If you are given multiple prescriptions, you should look them up and check the interactions. Make sure that you are aware of the side effects so you know what to look for if you start experiencing any of them.  

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  • ""When I first came here, I could barely walk 10 feet across the room without getting a sharp pain in my hips and back. After one visit, I felt a lot better. After one week I went back to work and I've been improving ever since." - Michelle H. from Wyoming, Michigan."